Contact Information for City Officials and Administrative Personnel


Mayor Kerry Underwood 256-383-5463
City Clerk/Treasurer Jo Ann Armstead 256-383-5463
Accounting Clerk II Le’ Abra Weakley 256-383-5463
City Attorney Hal Hughston 256-383-3661
Municipal Court Personnel 256-383-5665
2020 Census Census Link 256-389-0595
Finance and Revenue
Business License/Tax City Clerk 256-383-5463
Sales Tax Collection Donnie Allen 256-383-5569
Planning and Building
Building Inspector Luster Echols 256-386-5654
Downtown Redevelopment Authority Kerry Underwood 256-248-4891
Planning Commission Ken Whitehead 256-381-3738
Zoning and Ordinance Luster Echols 256-386-5654
Public Safety
Animal Control Tommy Morson 256-381-4073
Fire Chief David Pate 256-383-5757
Municipal Court JoAnn Crouch 256-386-5665
Police Chief Tony Logan 256-383-3121
Parks and Recreation
Director Joel Kendrick 256-386-5670
Program Director Tammy Holt 256-386-5655
Spring Creek Golf Course Denise Province 256-386-5670
Willie Green Center Nancy Bump 256-386-5655
Senior Citizens Center Linda Campbell 256-386-5660
Recreation Center Nancy Bump 256-386-5655
Spring Park Denise Province 256-386-5670
Railroad Museum Marsha Richards 256-389-1357
Public Works
Public Works Director Bo Stanley 256-386-5674
Superintendent Information 256-389-2900
Deshler High School Information 256-389-2910
Deshler Middle School Information 256-389-2920
R.E. Thompson Intermediate School Information 256-389-2930
G.W. Trenholm Primary School Information 256-389-2940
Helen Keller Library Elizabeth South, Librarian 256-383-7065
Manager Jeff McDonald 256-383-0321
Waste Water Treatment Plant Information 256-386-5675
Water Treatment Plant Information 256-386-5680