The school system was established in 1855 and has offered programs and facilities of outstanding quality since its origin.  Higher education is equally represented by Northwest-Shoals Community College, with its main campus adjacent to our city limits.  It is an accredited, two-year community college with over 3,000 students.  Five miles north of Tuscumbia is the University of North Alabama, a fully accredited four-year college with over 6,000 students.

The Tuscumbia City Board of Education is comprised of five members who are appointed by the City Council to five-year terms.   The Board meets on a monthly basis and special meetings are called as needed.

All schools are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Alabama State Department of Education.

Over 80% of the professional staff hold advanced degrees.

System-Wide pupil/teacher ratio of 14:1 ranks in the top 40 for the state.

Total dollars spent per year/per student is $4,211.   This figure ranks 17th in the State.

Special programs are provided for all identified exceptional education students.

The average ACT score is 21.8.

40% of the graduates earn an advanced diploma.

Student test scores on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) are consistently above the national average.

Tuscumbia City Schools:

303 North Commons Street East
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Phone: 356-389-2900
Fax: 256-389-2903


Deshler High School:

200 North Commons Street East
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Phone: 256-389-2910
Fax: 256-389-2915


Deshler Middle School:

598 North High Street
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Phone: 256-389-2920
Fax: 256-398-2922


R. E. Thompson Intermediate School:

829 Frankfort Road
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Phone: 256-389-2930
Fax: 256-389-2931


G. W. Trenholm Primary School:

601 Joe Wheeler Drive
Tuscumbia, AL 35674
Phone: 256-389-2940
Fax: 256-389-2942


Northwest Shoals Community College:,

Muscle Shoals Campus
Primary Mailing Address
P.O. Box 2545
Muscle Shoals, AL 35662
Ground Mail Delivery Address
800 George Wallace Blvd.
Muscle Shoals, AL 35661
256-331-5200 (Phone)
256-331-5222 (Fax)


The University of North Alabama:

One Harrison Plaza
Florence, AL 35632
1 (800) TALK-UNA