Welcome to the residents page of Tuscumbia. This page is dedicated to the wonderful people that currently populate, and those who plan to move to, this wonderful area. All information here is meant to make life easier for those in search of the following:


Services of Colbert County

The Alabama Department of Human Resources will help families receive the least
disruptive services they need, when they need them, and for only as long as they
need them, in order to maintain children in, or return them to, a safe, stable home.

For more information click the link above or click here to take you directly to the Colbert County Human Resources Contact Information page.


Here in Tuscumbia we all know that the future of our town lies in the hands of our children and what better way to ensure growth and survival of this wonderful town than to give proper education throughout their growing years. With an adequate abundance of nearby schools we can assure our children receive the education to advance them through the challenging times of life. For more information you can visit the Tuscumbia City Schools page or click here to visit our education page.

Living in Tuscumbia, Alabama gives residents the opportunity to live, explore and experience, on a daily basis, what brings visitors here. This page will provide residents links to many of the amenities we have and use here. Residents should also take some time to view the “See Do” and see what the visitors see to remind themselves just how great it is to live in Tuscumbia.

For additional information see the “How Do I…”section of the website.