History of the Northwest Alabama Healthcare Authority

Colbert County and the City of Sheffield opened a hospital on March 22, 1921. At that time, it was called Colbert County Hospital. It is now known as Helen Keller Memorial Hospital and is part of the Colbert County Healthcare Authority. Other healthcare entities under the umbrella of the Colbert County Healthcare Authority include, Keller Home Healthcare and Hospice, Red Bay Hospital, and North Alabama Sleep Disorders Center.

On May 21, 1979, the name of the hospital was changed to Helen Keller Hospital in honor of that great lady and world-renowned humanitarian.

The continued growth of the Northwest Alabama Healthcare Authority is a result of the dedication of the Board of Trustees, the citizens of Colbert County and the hospital employees, who deliver excellent patient care. Helen Keller Hospital is fully accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals assuring the finest in medical care by the process of review inspection and updating.

The Authority is governed by a nine-member Board of Trustees from Colbert County appointed by the County Commission serving in staggered six-year terms. While the Board of Trustees is ultimately responsible for the operation of the Authority, the details are delegated to the Authority President.

Helen Keller Hospital
1300 S. Montgomery Ave.
Sheffield, AL 35660